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Sunday School and Bible Study
9:45 am. A place where the Bible is taught in a setting of openness and sharing.  It is designed to impact lives and strengthen our faith and knowledge of God through bible study. We meet in the fellowship hall where people can come and enjoy the fellowship and bible study and have a cup of coffee.

Joy Church a children’s ministry for young people from 1st to 6th grade.  It is a ministry that teaches the love of Christ.  We have the privilege of sharing the Gospel to our young people on a level they can relate to.  We realize that children are our future and without them we have no future.  It is our goal to lead the lost children to Christ and to make them young disciples in His world.  Jesus sometimes uses little children to express great truths that will humble the greatest of bible scholars.

Sunday Worship 10:45 / 6:00 pm
Our Lord has set aside a time of reflection and a “time out” from our busy schedule, which is called the Lord’s Day or the Sabbath.  He set it down from the foundation of the world, knowing we needed a special time to worship Him.  As Christians we are to worship Him always in all that we say and do.   We use this time wisely to lift up the name of Jesus, giving Him praise and honor in song and worship, proclaiming the Good News of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  By teaching the Word of God under the guidance of the Holy Spirit we are able to minister to the needs of individuals in a real and personal way. Our pastor strives to make the message plain and understandable, in expository style, that applies to our everyday life.  Our Worship service is a time for fellowship and becoming one in Christ.

Wednesday Night Prayer and Bible Study 7:00 pm “The Power Hour”
We all need a time of renewal.  We need time to come together in a busy world.  We need a time to pray for one another that are hurting and need lifting up to our Lord.  We need time to reflect upon God’s Word and use it to expand our understanding of a great, wonderful, and Holy Savior of the World.  Without a mid-week service we are not refreshed and are vulnerable to attacks from Satan and the world around us.  We meet to fellowship and sing your favorite songs and join together in prayer for the needs of others knowing God hears us from His Throne.  So come and be revitalized in Worship to our King.

Sunshine” Nursing Home Ministry

 Victory Music Ministry

 Victory Mission Ministry

 Victory Visitation Ministry

Victory Singers Ministry A ministry where all are welcome to come and share talents in areas of music during a service.  The music is coordinated through Music Ministry Leaders and scheduled for an appropriate time of sharing based on the message and the direction of God’s Holy Spirit.

Puppet Ministry Young people and adults alike enjoy what God is doing through a child and his or her puppet.  It is a ministry that allows our children to minister to us as a congregation.  It allows them to be part of morning worship service sharing their gifts and talents for Jesus.

 Victory Prayer Ministry

 Victory Deacon’s Servant Ministry

 Victory Deaconess Servant Ministry

 Many others

We are currently creating content for this section. In order to be able to keep up with our high standards of service, we need a little more time. Please stop by again. Thank you for your interest!